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We try to help you create a tropical atmosphere in your home with our natural-neutral products. We offer premium quality wholesale prices on all of our items.

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As a manufacturer, we try to provide the latest designs every second to keep your inspiration is always up to date, all of our collections are expected to be a source of inspiration for your interior design needs, with tribal, village and tropical concepts.


Natural Material

Home Basket Bali are representing the simplicity and natural wealth of Indonesia to the world. We have selected our materials carefully, each of material that we used in our product has a different texture with its own uniqueness. This is the point of diversity in our collection. We try to bring Indonesia's natural product to the world.

Even though we use vulnerable natural materials, there is no need to worry because we always provide the best for our each product. All of our collections have been coated with antifungal-insects that minimize product susceptibility


Our production manufacturing headquarters is located in Java and we are working with hundreds of 'breadwinners' and also the rest of their family members. We are supporting the cottage industry in this entire village, and this is their livelihood for this 23 years and counting.

Committed to cottage industry practice, when we create a piece of product we work with artisans who have been in the field for generations. This is done as one way to maintain the product quality and as our support for the cottage industry.

Our value is more than just sustainability, we want to be here to empower traditional Indonesian artisans, to encourage and teach them that their skill can transform art forms into decorative product that are pleasant to live in.

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