Fun Fact About Water Hyacinth

Water hyacinth is an aquatic plant, it lives and reproduces by floating on the surface of the water. These plants are better known as aquatic weed, this is because they have significant negative impacts on ecosystem. The mat of water hyacinth can affect fishing, transportation, and irrigation activities in water ecosystem. But in fact, water hyacinth has a lot of potential both in terms of it use in the environment, and the nutritional content. To reduce the water hyacinth invasive impact, one of the efforts is to utilize this plant as a high value handicraft raw material.

Water hyacinth craft is very popular in Asia countries, one of them is Indonesia. In Indonesia, they made water hyacinth into home wares product such as laundry bags, picnic baskets, planter, placemat, and other decoration. Home Basket is one of the home ware suppliers in Indonesia that using water hyacinth as the main raw material in their product collection.

Water hyacinth- based products have a clear texture characteristics and are soft when used. this soft texture makes water hyacinth- based product as one of the most popular.