Stool Kaki Tinggi Palit

Rp 500.000

Our natural eco friendly stool is made from selected teak wood and the seat is made from natural combination of teak and rattan. This chair will suit a wide variety of settings such as living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, and children's rooms.

These material that we used for our furniture are strong, and has a natural texture to add an organic feel for any room. we used teak wood for our common furniture requirements, but we also adding some natural materials such as rattan to create a traditional atmosphere in your home.


Seagrass/Teak Wood


  • Due to the dimension of this product, we are not able to send this product via DHL or other airfreight courier. If you are still interested, please contact our office for more available shipping option.
  • We provide custom facilities both in terms of size, design, and color, please to contact our admin for further information
Home Basket is a manufacturer and suppliers company that provides homewares and home decoration for villas, bungalow, hotel and interior design company. Our price shown are for business (wholesale), we do worldwide shipping

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