Using Authentic Home Decor from Bali to Enhance Your Space

A unique and authentic Home Decor Bali is a great way to enhance your space. Your options are from colorful hand-painted fabric to natural-colored carvings and other items. Whatever your overall decor style, a Balinese item will fit in like a glove. Most of these decor items came directly from local artisans. In short, you won't regret having several items from this island at home.

Homedecor Bali

What is Balinese Home Decor?

Most interior designers put Home Decor from Bali in a tropical style. While that's not wrong since you're likely to see tropical home decor everywhere in Bali. But you also will see numerous Bali interior design that goes in a minimalist and almost modern-Scandinavian way. The only way that says it's Balinese is one or two items acting as the focal point for the room.

In short, Balinese home decor covers a wide array of styles. It depends on how you utilize the items to make the room pop. You can have it as the focal point or part of the general style.

Cushion Bali

Advantages of having Home Decor from Bali

The primary advantage is that you're participating in a sustainable industry. Most Balinese homewares products are from sustainable or leftover materials such as leaves, stones, old bark, water hyacinth, vetiver, bamboo, rattan, and others. And since most of them are natural materials, you don't have to worry about any additives or harmful ingredients that you may ingest.

Another advantage you should know is you can have more flexibility in design and style. As you know, most Balinese decor comes directly from the artisan. Therefore, you can always suggest or commission a unique custom order. Next time you show off the gorgeous bamboo home decor, you can proudly say that you know the artisan who made it.

The final advantage of having Bali decor is the affordable price. Even the mass-produced ones can have a good quality that to the untrained eyes looks as good as the artisan made. Bali can be a shopper heaven, and that includes when you shop for furniture and homewares as well.

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Popular Balinese Home Decor Items

Of course, the island offers a lot more homewares and artwork beyond these categories. But as starters, here are three of the popular Balinese items. As you go deeper into the products and styles, you will see that they are very diverse and you should get the most out of them.


Bali sculptures cover multiple materials and styles, from the small Balinese dancer statuette to a large Buddha head for your garden. Being a predominantly Hindu population, you may see numerous religious statues in Bali. However, some sculptures also have a modern approach and are not always made from stones or wood.

There is no denying the charm a sculpture from Bali has. It can be the focal point for the room without meaning to. However, if you want to avoid that and highlight the other decorations, you can always choose the smallest size available.

Have a walk around Ubud where you can directly visit the artisan workshop. Even the walk there may inspire you to get the sculpture you love. If you don't have time, you can always find some statues around Canggu or Seminyak.

Furniture Bali

Furniture & Accessories

From a coffee table made from teak bark, and a lovely carpet made from water hyacinth to a set of rattan ottomans, the Bali-style furniture can give you numerous ideas and styles to match. However, you shouldn't be fixated on a specific style when purchasing a piece of Balinese furniture. Try to spice things up a bit by trying several items to see how it matches everything else in the room.

Most people take Balinese furniture as only teaks and rattan. But there are bamboo, water hyacinth, and other natural materials turned into pouf, stool, chair and sofa. And don't forget the gorgeous Balinese accessories such as lamp shades, cushions, vase, deco stick and also fit with your kitchen accessories such of placemat. They are colorful and come in numerous patterns that you can always fit into your space.

Chair Bali

Wall Hangings

Just like furniture, the options for wall hangings are endless. You can have a Balinese sarong and use it on your wall. But some of the popular hangings are Balinese-style masks, mirrors, and paintings. However, you can be creative here and have petrified leaves hanging on the wall.

Placemat Bali

Finding a wall decoration with just enough Balinese style can be a challenge. Most people prefer to have a large item and hang it on the wall. But if you don't want to have a giant fan on your wall, you can always look for the mask series or painting that depicts Balinese people and culture.

Another popular option is to have a dreamcatcher with Balinese-style tassels. Some of these tassels are standalone so you can be creative and order several styles for mix and match. As for the colors, most of them are either white or beige. But you shouldn't worry since with the right application, these colors also can naturally enhance your room.

Lamp shades Bali

Some Tips for Balinese Home Decor

Again, don't be shy or hesitant with the styles. Feel free to explore all of your options to see what's best for the space. In general, they may only need general regular cleaning. But since most of them are primarily natural materials, you need to ensure it already has anti-fungal and anti-insect protection layers.

The protection is important to help you when you're doing regular maintenance. But it also can help you keep the items for a long time. You don't have to worry about storing them when redecorating. One last thing, make sure you ask the seller how to clean the decor. Ask them if they have any suggested cleaners or tips on how to clean their products.

Pouf Bali

Pursuing a Bali interior design style doesn't mean you need to have all of the Home Décor from Bali. It's doable, but that would be too much to handle. Have one or two items as the focal point for your space. Many things can bring you back to Bali without having it too obvious. When it comes to decorating, too much may be a bad time.