The Art of Woven Bamboo Widely Used as Homewares in Bali

In Bali, the art of weaving results in diligent and creative, handcrafted materials. The finished products are modified into Balinese various decorations, such as wall hangings, kitchen utensils, mats, and many more, which are then sold in the market. Most of these handcrafted items are sold for the needs of homewares in Bali. So, what is the most popular type of art weaving material widely used in Bali?

What is the Art of Weaving?

The art of weaving is the process of crossing natural materials from plants to make a one piece of homeware items that is strong and usable. Plant materials that can be woven are sticks, rattan, bamboo, roots, and so on. These materials are usually easy to dry and are soft in nature.

Home Decoration

The art of weaving is a native Indonesian tradition, in particular being one of the mainstay products of homewares in Bali. Formerly, this type of art craft is used to contribute to the needs of clothings and daily household tools. Presently, woven handcrafts continue to expand. In fact, they have become a necessity that cannot be separated from the lives of the Balinese.

In addition, the weaving type that is often used is the art of weaving bamboo into handicraft items. Bamboo woven crafts will produce different results. The results can be modified depending on the shape of the woven bamboo that is made.

7 Common Types of Balinese Art Weaving Materials

The use of ropes, roots, and rattan are common materials in the creation of woven handicrafts. This activity is imitated by humans from the way birds weave branches into strong shapes. Then, humans develop it into a work of art. Based on the materials, the types of weaving that are commonly used in Bali along with its uses, includes:

Lampshade Bamboo Bali

Why Weaving Bamboo?

Woven handicrafts made of bamboo are one of the developing crafts in Bali. Bamboo is one of the most widely used plant species in Balinese society. Hence, bamboos are easy to find!

Initially, bamboo is used as a raw material for the production of heavy buildings. Over time, bamboo has also become a raw material for making homewares in Bali.

Here are some of the benefits of woven bamboo:

  • Bamboo has properties that are strong, sturdy, and also easy to split. Because of this, woven bamboo is very popular amongst the people in Bali.
  • Woven bamboo is environmentally friendly.
  • Its elastic nature makes it easy for craftsmen to be more creative in making crafts.
  • It has a fairly high durability and has a pretty good appearance for interior and exterior decoration of the house. 

Various Woven Bamboo Handicrafts and How to Use Them

Bamboo is often used to make handicrafts of artistic value with so many benefits. For example, woven bamboo is often used as kitchen utensils, bags, or modified into decorations and furniture to beautify the house.

By going through the weaving process, bamboo has a unique and high aesthetic value. No wonder many people like this type of woven craft. So, what are the examples of woven bamboo crafts you can find in housewares in Bali? Also, how can you actually use them at home?

Home decoration ornaments

Woven bamboo is indeed very multifunctional, especially for home-based decoration. You can gather some woven bamboo crafts, such as the Balinese winnowing trays, placemats, fans, hats or baskets. Hang them on the walls in the living room, family room, dining room, and also in private spaces such as bedrooms.

In addition, you can add earth tone wall colors that accentuate natural colors without reducing the minimalist impression of the room. With more creativity, by combining decorative ornaments made of woven bamboo, the room will be more unique and different from other room decorations in general.

Home Decoration


Baskets made of woven bamboo can be used as containers for storing your homeware items more tidily. Woven bamboo baskets are great for storing towels, kitchen utensils, dirty clothes, or other objects. With a variety of unique designs, baskets from woven bamboo can add to the aesthetics of the room. Thus, at the same time it is suitable for room decoration or room display.


Hanging chair

You can add a hanging chair from woven bamboo at home to relax and unwind after work or doing errands. You can place it in the living room, backyard, or bedroom. This will give a unique and modern impression where all family members will love it.


For those of you who like natural nuances in a room, furniture made from woven bamboo is very suitable. One of them is a table made of woven bamboo. With its simple design, the living room will look more comfortable and elegant.



This is the most classic ornament that looks very Balinese. You can apply a lampshade in any room of your house. A woven bamboo lampshade will add a natural, deep and serene impression to a room. Try using yellow light bulbs, since they look nicer and cozier. Therefore, woven bamboo lampshades can be used as an alternative to homeware decorations to make them look different and more aesthetic.



Woven bamboo bags can also be made into handbags or sling bags. You can also use bamboo bags for shopping bags to put vegetables and other food ingredients. By using this type of bag for shopping, you are helping out in preserving the environment and minimizing the use of plastic. Not only that, bamboo bags can also be a unique decoration to be placed in the corner of the room as a storage place for small items.


The art of weaving is still mostly done by people in rural areas. This type of art in Indonesian society, especially in Bali, is hereditary and is still strong. From the weaving process, various woven ornaments are then sold as hardwares in Bali.

Woven bamboo, for example, is sold a lot even abroad. Since it has a high aesthetic value, woven bamboo is often modified into homeware products. From house ornaments to kitchen utensils, lots of work of Balinese woven bamboo that you’ll definitely love!