Best Homewares in Seminyak: An All-You-Need Guide

Seminyak is one of the most popular places in Bali. It's a vibrant and luxurious area with numerous private villas and upscale eateries. But did you know that you can find the Best Homewares and Home Decor in Seminyak? Yes, there is specialized stores where you can have traditional Indonesian crafts to a more modern design. If you visit the island and want to bring something unique back home, homewares or home decoration can be an option. Here is the store of best homewares in Seminyak

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Homewares Store in Seminyak Bali

Why Homewares in Seminyak?

Many visitors associate Seminyak with the area for nightlife and luxurious vacations. But when you stroll around the neighborhood, you will see lines of art stores and homewares boutiques. You shouldn't be surprised when you find some of the Best Homewares in Seminyak compared to other places.

Bali has several areas that are popular for the local arts, including homewares. Tourists always packed the Ubud art market and Sukawati market in Gianyar to find some artworks. But in the last decade, the area north of Kuta such as Seminyak, Canggu, and Kerobokan Kelod have started to develop and attract more visitors. The thriving economy encourages more people to start their businesses in boutiques and art shops. You can find a clothing store that also offers home decor or even stores that specialized in a specific material. At any rate, you may not have to search for more.

Know what to look for

First of all, you need to know that Seminyak has a large selection of homewares. They range from carpets, throws cushion, and lamp shade to small knickknacks and even stone statues. You should already know what you want to have before starting the search. Else, you may end up buying more than what you need.

Your style is always a good place to start. Your decor style will affect your purchases and preferred store. Whether it's modern and contemporary with some clean lines or an eclectic style with a little bit of Balinese touch. Your style is the one that gives personality to the room.

Seminyak Bali Homewares

Designer's Brand vs Local production

Some brands are working with well-known local artisans. But there are smaller, local brands with local resources and artisans worth visiting. When it comes to shopping, everyone has different preferences and ideas. You may enjoy a designer's brand but your partner prefers a unique local craft.

If you're shopping with your partner, ensure that you agree on an idea or a budget. Even though you enjoy collecting designer ware, you should consider shipping and maintenance costs. And when the budget is not a problem for you, you still need to ensure you have space to flaunt the homewares.

Materials to consider

Arts in Bali can have various mediums. You can find homewares made from wood, rattan, or textile. Some stores also have sustainable options such as using water hyacinth as their primary material. Of course, you can look for concrete or stone homewares. Whichever material you choose, Bali has the answer for you.

Maintenance and longevity are two things that can make or break the material of your choice. Some materials are fragile that they need careful cleaning. And some others are very sturdy that can last for decades. Where you will put the item is also crucial for this matter. All in all, houseware with good materials will be worth every penny you have spent.


So you have decided on your preferred style and material, then here are the products you look for. There are hundreds of items in a homewares catalog, but essentially, they are three categories, decor, furniture, and accessories. Some items may overlap across the categories, but it's not a problem since it's all about how you utilize an item.


This category covers almost everything you put in your room. From the massive four-post bed that is the centerpiece of your bedroom to a snow globe that you got from a fair ten years ago. Many people translate decor as the style that the room has. And since there is no limit on the imagination, you can run wild when you visit a homeware boutique in Seminyak.

Homedecor Seminyak

Most people think of tropical or eclectic decor when they go furniture shopping in Bali. But you also can find some modern pieces that you will love and surprise everyone. Especially when you find a boutique that offers custom or personalized products. A pro tip, local artisans are keener to give a personalized service than the branch of a large brand.


Furniture is more about function than size. Sofas, end tables, and ottomans are all part of the room's furniture. The way you show your decorating style is through the furniture. And if you enjoy a cohesive style and coloring, then you have a stronger faith to not be easily swayed by the options you see.

Furniture homewares Seminyak

Don't forget to carry a sketch, a notepad, and a ruler when you're doing a furniture hunt in Seminyak. Those items will help you when you're looking into large items such as a carpet, chair and sofa, or even a laundry basket.


The accessory may be small enough for the room, but they are there to emphasize your style. It doesn't have to be luxurious or large, but it needs to be unique. For example, you can have a palm-size owl and palm tree miniatures. Or the always popular Bali dancer painting or statuette.

To some people, these accessories can be more expensive than their finest furniture. But again, it's all about personal style. The good thing about accessories is there is no style limitation. Yes, you still can aim for a cohesive theme and color in the room, but you are also free to buy unique random things to enhance the room.

Accessories Homewares in Seminyak Bali

Do you already feel overwhelmed yet? It's understandable when you start to differentiate between what you need and what you want. And when there is a myriad of selections in various sizes and colors right in front of you, things may seem to only get complicated. But when you already set your mind to several items, you can visit the store with the Best Homewares in Seminyak and start purchasing.